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Heavy Police Presence At Goderich Courthouse #ObesePolice

(Goderich, Ontario) The look of terror in the judge’s eyes as he sheepishly slinked into the courtroom was apparent. Several morbidly obese police filled the room. Accompanying them was a stench of sour milk and body odor, likely due to the inability of the portly officers to maintain a satisfactory level of personal hygiene due to their obesity.

Monday 15April 2:00 the courthouse was virtually shutdown for the appeal continuation of a Wingham restaurant owner. Justice MacDonald claimed he is allowed to override the Canadian Bill Of Rights by claiming his court’s policy overrides all rights and protections offer by the Supreme Law Of the Land. Reporters are not allowed to record for accuracy, and victims can’t video record for their own protection in his presence.

At the start of the appeal the terrified and confused judge had to be reminded by the gracious court staff on how he said they were going to proceed. Once the stench of the judge’s brain fart dissipated, he remembered what he said, calmed down, tantrum was over and the Activist was allowed to proceed.

Due to Timothy Gordon MacDonald’s ($356,021/year) threatening to destroy anyone that digitally records and reports on his actions/inactions, there is no option other than having Artificial Intelligence fill in the gaps and create the images based on the best recollections of witnesses.

MacDonald will be releasing his ruling on 11July2024. Numerous writeups detailing the Activists appeal will be release between now and then.