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Businesses Across Canada Opening In Defiance Of Premiers & JT #ThankyouTruckers #FREEDOM

Countless businesses are re-opening across Canada in solidarity with the anti-segregation movement, regardless of what their Premier’s tell them, or what JT screams out from his hiding place. Numerous online polls show over 80% of Canadains are behind this movement to restore our Rights, don’t expect the traditional media to relay those facts.

Buck & Jo’s in Wingham is one of the thousands of businesses across Ontario that plan on opening their doors in a symbolic gesture of taking back control of our lives and Rights. Buck & Jo’s video went viral on FaceBook after confronting segregation enforcement officers on their doorstep, closing and then sending them away. Patriots have donated over $4,400 on their GoFundMe page to support their ongoing battle with segregation enforcers.

“We can’t be in Ottawa, but we can open our doors to those in need of warmth, comfort, food, shelter or bathroom in the area. It is barbaric that doug ford expects us to turn people away based on his criteria of the day. Segregation and Freedom can’t co-exist, that is a simple fact many are just waking up to.”

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