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Bankrupt Council Tells Victim To F-Off & Refuses To Answer Questions Over 20% Tax Increase & Closing Facilities #SendThemToTheShowers

At last night’s council meeting a victim stood their ground and tried to convey to councilors the devastating effect their corruption, apathy, 20% tax increase and zero accountability has had on our Community.

Council completely ignored the victim, refused to answer her questions or consider her input. Please watch the first 3 minutes of the council meeting to see for yourself. This is how the council tells people to f-off and they are not welcome there. To be fair, questions have been illegal/banned at council meetings for some time now, that’s why we lost all our real estate (airport etc.) and taxes are jumping 20%.

For those that can’t afford to keep their homes, the council is helping set up a shower center for those displaced by their corruption at St. Paul’s Church. While everyone is being stripped of their life savings and dignity, council and senior staff laugh and send their victims to the showers. Don’t worry the Federal government is setting up an express lane for M.A.I.D (Murderer/Medical Assistance In Dying) for those depressed about losing their homes and dignity.