Winghamites Overpaying $382/Year For Policing – Should Trevor Seip Be Forced To Refund All His Victims?

Town Hall has released current policing costs for all three wards in North Huron. Winghamites are forced to pay the Wingham police $758.39/year per household, while Blyth and East-Wawanosh pay the OPP only $376/year. The extremely high cost of the Wingham police is the main reason Wingham taxes are so high and there is no money to maintain our infrastructure or keep the pool open during summer weekends, etc. etc.

The Wingham Police now cost MORE than double the OPP. Current Chief of Police tim poole calls the OPP in to take over whenever there is a serious crime because they are better equipped and better trained than the Wingham police. The OPP have UAVs to search for lost children in corn fields, have helicopters and everything required for search and rescue. On the other hand we have the Wingham police that refused to give a man a ride to the hospital. To be fair poole has told the Public not to bother them when they have an emergency and call 911, and the officer was just starting his coffee break. A shame and stain on the department that should never be forgotten. Odds are he didn’t pay for his coffee either, as this has been a source of numerous complaints.

Chair of the Wingham Police Board and NH councillor trevor seip is mainly responsible for pushing through contracts for his police buddies without even attempting to get a price from the OPP. The 3 year contract he pushed through cost Winghamites $1.5 Million ($500,000/year) and Blyth and EW councillors gleefully voted the contract through as their constituents wouldn’t have to pay a dime. Trevor should do the honorable thing and give the taxpayers back the $1.5 Million he wasted because the was too busy to do his job properly or with honor.

North Huron Council Contact Info:

Neil Vincent: 519-357-2336

Bill Knott: 519-523-4534

James Campbell: 519-523-9264

Brock Vodden: 519-523-9393

Ray Hallahan: 519-523-4798

Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga: 519-357-1905

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