Wingham Copwatch Videos Released – Who Is Telling The Truth, Videos & Civilians Or Wingham Officer

The investigation into the 22Aug2016 arrests at Wigham Town Hall are concluded as far as police chief tim poole is concerned. The victims of the August Atrocities disagree. Clearly there was collusion as numerous statements all contained the exact same lie, either a billion to one chance or collusion.

One major issue that should be easy to prove is whether or not Wingham Police officer kevin macadam lied to the judge in an attempt to secure a conviction.

It was made clear to neil vincent that he would be asked a question on video after the meeting was over when it was “legal” to do so. Wingham Copwatch had at least two cameras recording that evening to document exactly what happened, as WFP was tipped off that they would be arrested if they dared attempt to show up to Public North Huron council meeting. One person was arrested for possession of a camera, and another was arrested for recording the first arrest. This was easily quashed in court.

The Wingham officer claims he had a conversation with reeve neil vincent at the front of the room where vincent told him again that people were asked to leave and were refusing to do so. This did not happen. No one was asked to leave before the officer asked them, therefore no one could be refusing to leave before the officer showed up. The officer didn’t have this conversation. Then entire conversation was fabricated by the officer in an attempt to secure a conviction by telling the judge that the reeve told him repeatedly that the three were refusing to leave.

Video and testimony from Civilians clearly shows the only conversation the Wingham officer had with reeve neil vincent was when he went to get a copy of the bylaw, and neil vincent pointed to the by-law and stated “it’s this section”.

From court transcript:

Officer Kevin MacAdam: I went and I spoke with Neil Vincent who is the Reeve. I attended at the front to get the by-law. They had the by-law. He advised me that they, again, that they were refusing to put away the cameras and that they had been asked to leave.


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