Reeve Neil Vincent Has Killed Democracy: Demand Accountability, Answers and a New Election

All North Huron Council and staff work for us, the taxpayers. This is a fact that many on the $4.7 million North Huron payroll seem to have forgotten.

Mr. Vincent has consistently silenced those that pose potentially embarrassing questions to council. This embarrassment either stems from ignorance, sloth or justifiable shame.

Mr. Vincent silenced Mr. Bailey when he tried to demand accountability and efficiency from the recreation department. This grotesque abuse perpetrated on Mr. Bailey seems to have crushed his spirit and desire to bring reform to an inefficient and unaccountable department. This “bitch slap” by Vincent, and the majority of council, slammed Bailey back in line, and even had Bailey on board for ending Public Gallery Questions and Comments at the end of council meetings. Bernie has been condescending to Mr. Knott and has point blank refused to answer questions regarding council actions. Mr. Bailey has taken on the habits of his oppressor, and is repeating the cycle of oppression.

Deputy Reeve David Riach has admitted to calling the boss of a person that regularly asks questions at council. Riach did apologize to council for his actions, but has refused to apologize to the victim of his abuse of power. This shows that Riach has an incredible lack of integrity. Mr. Knott has asked for Riach’s resignation, something Riach should have done. If a Councillor from the “City” did this, there would have been protestors at City hall until the guilty resigned, and rightfully so.

Neil Vincent has silenced a councillor and the public. This is the mark of a dictator. Taxpayers have the Right to question their council and to communicate with their elected Representatives. Neil Vincent has rudely silenced the public on several occasions. If a taxpayer starts to ask a question that might embarrass council or town staff, Vincent quickly takes action and bangs his gavel of oppresion, and will even yell “STOP TALKING” in an attempt to silence the person. This is an atrocity that must not be allowed to continue. Millions have died in wars fighting for the Rights we currently have, and Neil Vincent dishonours democracy every time he is rude and/or silences the public that pay his wages. How many people voted for Vincent in the last election?

Brock Vodden has shown signs of confusion. This was painfully demonstrated on the radio recently, when he claimed he had proof from a “colleague” that the super school wasn’t going to be built. Vodden has voted out of spite, instead of what is best for our community. Are these traits you want in a person in charge of spending your tax money and fixing our community?

Alma Conn has repeatedly stepped up to the plate and defended the people that she is paid to represent. It is unfortunate that she is the only one on council that appeared offended by the notion of eliminating public input at the end of meetings.

It was Gary Long that introduced eliminating Public Gallery and Comments at the end of meetings. This action alone should have triggered demands to find a replacement for him. Mr. Long has taken weeks to months to get answers for councillors. This combined with his agreement that some councillors are buffoons, clearly demonstrates the amount of respect he has for council.

The public must demand answers to their questions or a new election. Our council must be made transparent and accountable.

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