Reeve Neil Vincent Asked To Resign Or Face Crowdfunding Campaign To Restore Rights And Hold Council To Account

Victims of Reeve Neil Vincent’s regime are planning on suing North Huron to hold them to account, and to restore all Freedoms granted by our Constitution that council has attacked and stripped away. The one major drawback is the potential of getting stuck with massive court costs if a lawsuit is lost, which can easily be tens of thousands per lawsuit. This risk is simply too high for many people, even if they firmly believe they have the law is on their side.

Petitions, debate, delegations and online shaming have not persuaded council to enforce 224 of the municipal act, or to address any of our critical issues. Our infrastructure is literally collapsing in upon itself and we are running an annual infrastructure deficit of close to $3 Million. Public input has been limited to one hour per year, and Council name calls during council meetings (stupid ass comment). Council shouldn’t be able to get away with this level of apathy/abuse/neglect simply because no single person wants to risk $15,000+ per lawsuit.

If current North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent does not tender his resignation at the 23Jan2017 council meeting, a crowdfunding campaign will be initiated. If successful, lawsuit(s) will be launched to hold Reeve Vincent and his regime to account for stripping away our Rights, letting our infrastructure rot, blocking sidewalks, Hometown Security Act, for the August Atrocities, and to restore all Rights.

Reeve Vincent was offered a clean-slate, zero-cost opportunity to move forward that would restore the Dignity of victims of the August Atrocities and clear our sidewalks, it was flatly rejected.

Current North Huron Reeve Neil Vincent contact info:

Phone: 519-357-2336

Email: [email protected]

Click Here to contact the rest of North Huron Council

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