$2,000,000 Wingham Police Bonus Should Come Out Of trevor seip’s Pocket, Not The Taxpayers

If you have read the agenda package for the 04July2017 NH council meeting, or have been paying attention, you will know that there is something horribly wrong with the Wingham police. Refusing to cooperate with the OPP Municipal Policing Bureau and release Public information is beyond reprehensible. This is exactly the type of behaviour a petty tyrant with a child-like ego would display.

Paying double for policing and having 7 cops per square mile has done nothing to reduce crime, in fact it is thriving. The only thing it has done is put trevor seip’s cop buddies on the Sunshine list for taking over $100,000 from taxpayers every year. Council then claims they don’t tax us enough so there isn’t enough money to fill potholes, maintain our dam, remove lead pipe, install fire suppression systems or even do basic trail maintenance.

Trevor seip is the one that was too busy to call for a price for the OPP to police Wingham, so he pushed through a multi-year contract costing the taxpayers an extra $500,000/year. That works out to $2,000,000.00 for the four years of trevor’s term. Who should have to pay for this $2,000,000 “bonus” for the Wingham police?

Clearly trevor seip should fully fund the half million a year we are overpaying to his buddies with the guns. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone filed a lawsuit to hold corrupt councilors to account?

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Bill Knott: 519-523-4534

James Campbell: 519-523-9264

Brock Vodden: 519-523-9393

Ray Hallahan: 519-523-4798

Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

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