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Wingham To “Hold The Line” At Council Meeting #SaveTheRecComplex

Hundreds of people have vowed to attend the council meeting on Monday 20Nov to defend what little is left of Wingham, the Recreation Complex where they want to quadruple some fees. Sources have indicated this is just another step to cripple, shut down, then sell off the complex for pennies on the dollar in another backroom deal to themselves or a family member/insider. (re. ESTC, Wingham Trailer Park & Wingham Airport, etc. etc.) 

Blyth and East-Wawanosh councilors continue to destroy Wingham and refuse to allow Winghamites to defend their Community, even going so low as to banning questions so council & staff can do whatever they want, and you can’t say or do a thing about it … or can you?

We have taken back the Cenotaph. Town staff will no longer illegally dump snow on the steps or sidewalks and will replace the flag the moment it becomes tattered because people like you had the courage to contact town hall and demand change and respect.

Will you stay home Monday 20Nov too afraid or apathetic to participate, or will you stand with those defending our Community?

Wear black, democracy is dead, show some respect.

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