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Wingham Taxes To Soar 20% – Council Considering Disbanding By-law/SS #HoldTheLine

Taxes in Wingham, Blyth & East -Wawanosh are set to skyrocket 20% according to North Huron’s draft budget. Taxes on a $490,000 home in Wingham would jump from $10,026 to $12,000+/year. This massive increase is partly due to the council selling millions in real estate for pennies on the dollar, and the missing revenue streams from those properties.

North Huron is considering ceasing and desisting bylaw enforcement on private land, and since the bylaw officer never inspected the Corporation of North Huron’s property or held town staff to account, there is no need for a bylaw enforcement officer. North Huron is therefore considering disbanding the entire bylaw enforcement department to save $72,000/year.

To confirm the information above, please contact council with the information below.

North Huron SS Upper Echelon / Council Contact Info:
Paul Heffer – 280 Manor Road (519) 357-3594 – [email protected]
Mitch Wright – 63 Bristol Terrace – [email protected]
Lonnie Whitfield – 94 John St. West – [email protected]
Anita van Hittersum – 84012 Hoover Line – (519) 523-4492 [email protected]
Chris Palmer – 39331 Belfast Road (519) 357-3385 [email protected]
Kevin Fascist  Falconer – 303 King Street (519) 955-0301 [email protected]
Ric McBurney – 202 Thuell St, Blyth(519) 441-7415 [email protected]