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Wingham Considering Expanding Ice Season & Closing Blyth Arena

At the 21Feb2023 council meeting, 23 minutes was spent considering expanding the season for the ice surface in Wingham for its hockey team. According to councilor Palmer it only costs $1,000/day for hydro to keep the ice surface. Closing the arena in Blyth would surely cover the cost. This protracted debate likely ensured the council got extra bonus money, as they get paid extra if the meeting is 2 hours or more. 

Some think it wasn’t appropriate for the “Hockey Club” to ask council to force the taxpayers to subsidize their recreation, especially since so many are struggling to keep their homes due to the high taxes and collapsing real estate market. Since the council will more than likely approve the request, taxes may go up even more.

Council is expected to make a decision regarding saving the “hockey club” or the Blyth Arena at the 06Mar meeting.

Watch the video below to verify for yourself. The “hockey club” discussion starts at 30:40. Clicking on the video below should start you are the correct spot. 🚩 Council can ask the public questions, but not the other way around.