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Wingham Bucks Trend – Democracy Canceled In Howick, Blyth, ACW, Morris-Turnberry, etc.

Apathy triggered by hopelessness has spread throughout Ontario collapsing our Democracy. Surrounding municipalities have seen their democracy fail, and will now be governed by “unelected officials” as a record number of Mayor and Deputy Mayor positions were “acclaimed”. A small town is once again gaining national attention and bucking the trend. 

Wingham, a town of less than a square mile, has 4 candidates running for the Mayor/Reeve position, and 6 candidates running for the 2 Wingham Ward positions. Over the last few years Wingham has become a minor tourist attraction and bucket list item for Freedom Fighters across Canada. It is quite commonplace to see vehicles with Canadian flags downtown Wingham and people taking photos of Wingham’s famous street corner.

Voting in Wingham’s election will be done via internet and phone. Voter’s literally don’t have to put down their phones to vote/join the revolution. If you want change, and your Rights restored this Fall, you already know who you have to vote for.

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I give a fuck, I’m voting Buck! Lock up those assholes that over tax us and steal our land. A few at Madill have your back, our lives DO MATTER despite what council and staff say and do.


Segregationist Seip should be arrested IMHO. Time to start taking photos and addresses of all those that support that rambling moron. Any dipshit that displays his sign should be held to account and have their name and address broadcast online. If you love him so much you won’t care if the world knows you have his sign on your lawn. An hour of every council meeting is wasted with his rants/campaigning….that shouldn’t be legal. Trevor! I want my money back you windbag…3 hour meetings just so you blather on and on about nothing.


My neighbour took down his siep sign after we had a chat. turns out he only put it up because he knew him. Once i told him about the trailer park, Armories, high taxes and pointed at an obstructed street sign and pot holes he took it down saying f*** trevor while stomping on the sign.


I found a couple in Wingham near the old public school at the corner of Frances & John. I’ll get photo’s monday when I’m back in town looking for signs and buying up all the throwing eggs I can afford. One place has kids and they support Traitor Trevor? Talk about no morel compass lmao. Maybe some should call CAS on them!


brainless moron? who’s the one with the Trevor sign and threatening people LMFAO…my lord, you are stupid enough to be trevor…..maybe it is really you!


I will be paying you a visit as well, keep looking over your shoulder, see ya soon JackieJJ


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