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Veterans Not Worth The Effort – Wingham town hall Too Broke To Change Damaged Flag 

Every 6 months or so the flag at the Wingham Cenotaph is tattered and is overdue for replacement. Unfortunately town hall is too morally and financially bankrupt to change the flag without pressure from the Public. 

Our Veterans fought and died defending our Constitutional Ideals, and North Huron council can’t $5 in their $15,000,000 budget for a flag and the 2 minutes it would take to change it.

If you want our Veterans to be shown some of the respect they deserve, call town hall now at 519-357-3550 and let them know how you feel. They have $400,000 spare cash to blow on painting a room at the old public school for a new council chambers, but no money to honor our Veterans.

“town hall” will not be Capitalized until the flag is changed, and a public apology from reeve paul heffer is made for his dereliction of duty. If town hall can’t be bothered to put the effort into showing Veterans the respect with an undamaged flag, we literally won’t lift our pinky finger to hit the SHIFT key to show respect to town hall by capitalizing them.

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