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Trailer Park Stolen – Hodgins & Eelman Added To Hall Of Shame For Crimes Against Wingham #YouWereWarned

The Wingham Trailer Park has been given away to the family of North Huron Reeve bernie bailey with unanimous approval of the rest of council. Hodgins & Eelman have been added to the Hall Of Shame for this crime against Wingham. The entire Trailer Park was given away for the value of 2-3 building lots in today’s market.

Despite the closing date of the deal being in October, council claimed it was such a time sensitive emergency they had to approve the sale immediately, despite it requiring 3 readings over three meetings, a cornerstone of Democracy to prevent abuse of power. Not one question was asked. 

Why was it rammed thru and rubber stamped in one night with zero questions?

Council meetings will be held in person very soon, and it had to be done before the Public could have a chance to question/confront them and stop the theft. A few questions would have delayed/stopped the deal. Just one councillor asking for evidence that they were getting fair market value for the property and why it wasn’t listed publicly could have stopped the theft.

From the agenda Package

COMPLETION DATE: This agreement shall be completed by no later than October 8, 2021. Upon completion, vacant possession of the property shall be given to the Purchaser unless otherwise provided in this Agreement

NOTICE TO PURCHASER: c/o Clerk c/o Brock Hodgins Township of North Huron J.E. Hodgins Lumber (Wingham) Limited P.O. Box 90, 274 Josephine Street 11B-Line Road Wingham, Ontario N0G 2W0 Wingham, Ontario N0G 2W0 Phone: 519-357-3550 Phone: 519-357-3650 

NOTICE TO PURCHASER: c/o Jonathan Eelman Precision Builders Ltd 40069 Howick Turnberry Road Wingham, Ontario N0G 2W0 Phone: 519-496-7013

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