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Tempers Flare After Councillor’s Inappropriate Contact With Minors Caught On Video #LeaveOurChildrenAlone

At the 01May2023 North Huron council meeting tempers flared after/during some outrageous comments from councilor Chris Palmer, and his inappropriate contact with minors. 

Several victims of bullies stood their ground at the council meeting, requesting equality in the hopes of bringing an end to the abuse of the bigots and bullies. 

Councilor Palmer’s response was for them to give up, that they have “issues”, that their efforts won’t help, and that everyone is a victim so suck it up, showed truly how uncaring and spitefiled our “government” is.

To the horror of those watching, Palmer couldn’t shut himself up. He continued with “They are racial people, there is something wrong with them.” Palmer attempted to downplay his Freudian slip to no avail.

Even more bizarrely Councilor Palmer sarcastically stated “I can question stuff, there is always stuff happening I don’t like”. A clear mockery of the fact that the Public is not allowed to ask questions at council meetings, a cruel reminder to everyone the Public has zero power and council can do as they please without question or scrutiny.

Chris Palmer is expected to resign at the next council meeting due to his extremely inappropriate behaviour and contact with minors.