Alerts WFP

Special Council Meeting Tonight – Airport, Trailer Park, $150,000 Ramp, $450,000 “Chambers”, What Are Piggymon, Etc. Etc.

(North Huron, On) After yesterday’s major announcements/revelations North Huron will be holding a special council meeting starting at 6:00pm at the new $450,000 council “chambers” which was mentioned yesterday. Call town hall at 519-357-3550 to find out where chambers has moved to.

This will give the members of the public an opportunity to confirm details regarding the 77 Acre Wingham Airport deal, why it was “sold” for only $200,000, and why the pre-sale appraisal was being withheld from a Public that had a Right to access it.

The Public can also get an detailed explanation of controversial $150,000 ramp going into Wingham Town hall. Why did it cost more than 4 house foundations, and what technology is built into the ramp to warrant such an extravagant price, and why did it take over a year?

What is really going on at the former Wingham Trailer Park? What happened to the gear-to-income housing everyone believed would help our Community and the non-millionaires. Did we really sacrifice the only affordable housing in 30km so some rich people could get even richer on the backs of Winghamites?

Piggymon trading cards have sold out in Wingham, and collectors are seeking mint condition “Hammy” dolls a head of Wingham Homecoming.