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OPP Caught On Video Again Breaking Law In Wingham – #NotAboveTheLaw

(North Huron, On) Confidence in the OPP hit a new low a few months ago when they were caught removing council meeting notices. The OPP admitted there was no grounds for an investigation, and made no effort to return the property they had stolen and did not apologize. This systemic above the law attitude, and the corruption at the Goderich Courthouse, ensures that no police officer is ever held to account for anything they do to us.

27Feb2024 at approximately 9am an “unmarked” OPP cruiser drove the correct way down the clearly marked one-way Diagonal Rd in Wingham, and pulled into a parking space. The officer then pulled out of the parking space, and reversed back into the same parking space, positioning the vehicle to leave going the wrong way down the street.

At  9:02:13am the OPP cruiser proceeded the wrong way down the street, then turned onto John St E.

Witnesses believe the officer in the vehicle is a former Wingham police officer, meaning they would have been fully aware of the one-way street and openly and willfully broke the law as they know there will never be any consequences.

To find out if the officer will be charged, or to find out what excuse the OPP will use to avoid accountability please contact their media relations person. It is his job to answer questions. Give it a try and find out how corrupted the system is. The contact information is below.

Media/Public Relations – Huron
Contact:  Provincial Constable Craig Soldan
E-mail:    [email protected]
Phone:    (519) 482-1677

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That little piggie went the wrong way home! Bad piggie, you should know better. $100 says the SFA will happen to the “officer”, no points, nothing. No wonder everyone hates the pigs around here now.

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