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New Pedophile Registry – One A Day For A Year #PedosLeaveOntario #YouWereWarned

Wingham Free Press is launching an official Pedophile Registry to help inform and protect all our Communities. Those that sexually assault children, or make and/or distribute child pornography, are threats to our Communities that can no longer be ignored. 

You have a right to know if an active threat to your children is living next door. Pedophiles do not have a right to be forgiven or forgotten. If an offender plea-bargained or otherwise bribed his/her way out of the charges, it does not change those facts in the original press release. Police press releases are public information and you have a legal right to access them.

WFP is now accepting donations for the first time in 15 years, to help build and maintain this important archive of information. If you want to help fund our work, e-transfer your gift to [email protected]

Click here to view the Pedophile Registry, one person will be added daily until we hit 300 perverts.