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Multiple Assaults By Repeat Offender Triggers Lockdowns At Wingham School #AnchorTheFloaters

Drenched in someone else’s bodily fluids, student(s) run for safety stripped of all dignity while the offender is given free reign to do whatever he/she wants to do…to anyone or anything with zero consequences.

According to some students and parents this is virtually a daily occurrence at Wingham Sacred Heart School. Students are evacuated from classrooms when the teacher loses all control of the class, and simply has a breakdown themselves and runs away with the students to the library or other “safer place”. The current principal, mike bruneel is a facing allegations of locking himself in his office due to his alleged Uvalde level of courage.

Students are being groomed/conditioned to be victims, and are being labeled as “special needs” and centered out by teachers, allegedly to get more funding. To be fair the Catholic/Residential school system has a long history of exploiting children for profit, power & sexual gratification.

Isn’t it time everyone keeps their bodily fluids to themselves? If you agree, email mike bruneel at [email protected] or call the school at (519) 357-1090

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