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Mass Defections At HPPH – Vax-pass Not Being Enforced By Miriam Klassen, Head Of Huron Perth Public Health

Things have escalated at Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham on the front-line of the war to restore our Rights. It is now to the point where the Head of Huron Perth Public Health is the only one left there willing to enforce the vaccine passport mandate or resolve the issue. Every enforcement officer has stood down, refused to enforce and they even refused to participate in the vax-pass debacle. In effect, every single one defected to the side of the People and refused to “just follow orders”. (click here for vides and more details)

Dr. Miriam Klassen of Huron Perth Public Health has refused to show up, and is invited to Buck & Jo’s Tuesday morning to finally resolve this issue. Dr. Klassen must have the courage to enter Buck & Jo’s anything else would be an act of extreme hypocrisy and dereliction of duty. It is no wonder Klassen has lost the support of those under her command. A leader must never send someone to do a job they aren’t willing to do themselves.

Please take the time to contact HPPH and encourage Klassen to show up Tuesday Morning. We can’t emphasize enough how important this is. If she doesn’t show up, then it will then be official that the vax-pass has collapsed across Huron Perth.

Huron Perth Public Health contact info.
Phone: 1-888-221-2133

Know your Rights, or they will take them from you, and you won’t even notice. That is the sad reality of today.

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We need to unite! Anyone know who to start a face book site? There should be a convoy heading to Wingham to have his back.


Cowards , every single politician and or goverment employee hiding behind fake mandates ,, GOD is coming for you
There is no where to escape when you harm women and children , sure men have fought your wars , but women and children have been off limits , niw you have crossed the line


OMFG. I saw the videos Buck is like that Tiananmen tank man he sure as hell won’t back down. Good luck Klassen maybe you should side with the people.


Holy crap, talk about throwing down the gauntlet! Heard that all the way here in beautiful BC. If I could drive there in time, I would. #CanadaStrong


Thanks to you all!! We need more freedom fighters cuz unfortunately not all will do what it takes & risk what it takes like you folks so proud to say your my countrymen!!! I live not close but coming to your awesome establishment to support not only you but FREEDOM as well!!!


God bless from your sister city Wingham, Australia. You are an inspiration to thousands of us here. The whole world is watching. God bless, you are true heroes Buck & Jo.


Hats off for standing up for Humanity .Our grandparents would be rolling over in their graves knowing their was a comeback Of Nazis trying to remove our freedoms , as they had done 80 years ago in Germany and Europe. This can not happen again as it did then divide and conquer as they did the Jewish people. As they try to divide the vaxx and the unvaxxed. It is wrong Humanity must stand together United we STAND Divided we Fall . WE MUST NOT ALLOW WHAT HAPPENED THEN TO HAPPEN AGAIN NOT NOW , NOT EVER .


Yes we will drive as well. This is the first glimmer of hope I’ve seen since these *#@#** things were announced! Stay strong Buck. Let’s all spread the word and stop in our own community businesses what went on at BUCK’s on Tues., Nov 2. 2021!
Interesting that Nov 11 is just around the corner!


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