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Man With Hand On Gun Triggers Viral Backlash Downtown Wingham Over Vax-Pass, Buck & Jo’s To Reopen #WinghamStrong

“I expect you to comply” said an OPP officer with his hand on his loaded firearm, “I’m here to assist Huron Perth Public Health with an inspection”. This extremely threatening demeanor is typical in doug ford’s Ontario, and works nearly 100% of the time. Within days over 170,000 people viewed part of the documentary on FaceBook.

We all know there isn’t one restaurant in the area that is fully following the vax-pass mandate or masking, a few seconds on social media will reveal photos and videos proving this, just in case you aren’t in the area to see for yourself.

If you openly question this government’s actions, you will face severe reprisals. That is why the Citizenry hides in basements too scared to even mention the v-word (vaccine) online, speaking in code due to fear of losing internet privileges and having their FB group shut-down, or losing friends and family due to their stance on not surrendering their Rights. That is why everyone is pretending to comply, fear and cowardice. Some will sacrifice their livelihoods for the cause, while others are too afraid to hit the share button online out of fear of reprisals.

The following was posted on Buck & Jo’s FB page.

“Buck & Jo’s will be opening again, and the date depends on all of you Patriots and Freedom Fighters from around the world. We need your help now! Please view the video and share as much as you can as we prepare for the next wave of enforcement. Once/if this video hits 500,000 views we will unlock our doors and continue our video documentary of the fight to restore our Rights.

In order for us to open we need to hit a certain level of public awareness in order to ensure that enough Patriots and Freedom Fighters will show up to video record, and that traditional media will start to pay attention.

If you want to see a video of what happens next, we need to hit 500,000 views on this video of the first 4 enforcement attempts. Please take the time to view and share it so the world knows exactly what is happening in doug ford’s Ontario.

Do not lose Hope, and never disclose/discuss your health info to anyone except your doctor.

May God bless, forgive, and protect those that trespassed upon us, as we will not.”

Now on YouTube, part of the Video Documentary on ford’s enforcers. Please watch and share.

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