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Judge To Force Segregation Enforcement To Finally Answer Questions – #StandYourGround

A Wingham restaurant on the front line to restore our Rights is claiming victory in their battle to get segregation enforcement officers to finally answer questions.

After repeated delays by the prosecution/crown another attempt will be made to set a court date on the 19th of April in Goderich court (via Zoom). At this trial the segregation enforcement officers will have to answer questions and won’t have the ability to run away as on the 5th of November. This should be seen as a massive step towards accountability as they plan on having a whole day for Buck & Jo to question and cross examine their many statements in great detail.

Buck & Jo’s video recorded segregation enforcement storming out of their restaurant like a toddler having a tantrum on more than one occasion. One video shows Buck standing his ground protecting his restaurant from the unanswerable HPPH “officers”.  These videos went viral drawing attention to the small town from coast-to-coast. 

A small convoy is already planned to head to Goderich when the trial finally begins. A date will hopefully be announced on the 19th of April if/when they finally set a date.