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Josephine St. On Virtual Lockdown After Last Council Meeting – “Virtually Everyone Is Armed!” #WinghamWakening

At the 18July2022 North Huron council meeting the OPP showed up to warn council about the high amount of violence, theft & gun crime on Josephine St. in Wingham. 

Due to the fact virtually everyone is armed, and the shocking amount of gun violence in Wingham, only those with absolutely essential business should visit Wingham or venture down Josephine St. according to local residents.

North Huron Council has been an area leader on violence (re Fascist Falconer assaults Citizen) and property crime (re trailer park, airport, etc), inspiring criminals far and wide.

Later in the meeting one councillor warned his colleagues not to pick a fight with “the Movement”, as it has been around for over a decade and won’t be going anywhere. Watch the entire meeting below to see what he was referring to.

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