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Guilty – Maitland River Community Church Minister #SaveOurChildren #KuyvenhovenCult

Maitland River Community Church “youth minister” Simon Chiarello has plead guilty to two charges of sexual exploitation on 01Dec2021 in a Goderich court room. MRCC is known as Doug Kuyvenhoven’s church that brings in a million/year by taking advantage of the superstitious and vulnerable. 

Kuyvenhoven is also forcing Wingham businesses to pay for a digital sign at the intersection of 4 & 86 to help lure more victims to his church. NOTE: The businesses forced to pay for the sign are not allowed to advertise on it, but Maitland River Community Church can. 

Businesses that speak out about this abuse are quickly targeted by those in the Kuyvenhoven Cult, boycotted and slandered in support of pedophiles. It’s sad that so many businesses are too afraid to speak out, either due to cowardice or because they are full members of the Doug Club. 

Not only does Wingham have the highest tax rate in Canada, the most corrupt and inefficient council, we also seem to have the most pedophiles per square mile. All this could never been accomplished without the full pro-active support of town council.

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