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Goderich Law Firm Banned Across Ontario : Illegal By-Law & For Profit Prosecutions #ItsTime #WinghamStrong

(Goderich, On) The Law Enforcement Complaints Agency (LECA) came into effect on 01April2024 to replace the OIRPD to ensure all law enforcement officers are held to account.

LECA’s new powers include investigating overreach and abuse complaints, even when the victims are unwilling or unable to stand up for themselves. This new power is to combat the illegal harassment and intimidation of Town Halls across Ontario that somehow have coerced police officers to aiding and abetting their Rights violations on private property.

Ontario ethical advertisers have banned a law firm in Goderich from advertising on ~30 Free Press sites across Ontario. Some news aggregator sites and several minor search engines have also stepped up and have taken steps to ensure the law firm’s name is not mentioned. 

This is after a decade-long Free Press probe into Goderich Courthouse’s coercive agreement practices, by-law overreach, rights violations, review of court documents, court transcripts, videos and over a hundred victims coming forward. This dramatically escalated after a stand off with segregation enforcement at Buck & Jo’s 250,000 watched, highlighting numerous problems with the “system”.

The law firm’s name will not be mentioned. Check various Free Press Halls of shame if you are curious, as that is the only place they are permitted to appear.

Everyone must ask two simple questions before they hire, or give their “lawyer” any more money, as there are some gargantuan conflicts and corruption. 
  • Do you or your law firm prosecute private property by-law enforcement infractions?
  • Do you or your law firm prosecute provincial offenses in the name of the “King”?
  • Do you your law firm prosecute any offenses in the name of the “King”?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you must ask yourself why you would hire a law firm that works daily to convict people as a “Crown Prosecutor ” to defend/help you?

Those seeking help should check out various paralegals and talk to other victims on how to survive being thrown into the system and to avoid bankrupting fees from a prosecutor posing as a defense “lawyer”.