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Freedom Funeral This Friday Downtown Wingham – Wear Black, Democracy & Freedom Will Be Dead By Noon #GoodbyeBuck&Jo’s

This Friday the government (HPPH) will start asking people for their ID and personal health information on a street corner in Wingham in front of a restaurant. Their other option is to close Buck & Jo’s. Either way, Democracy and Freedom will be dead by noon.

Buck & Jo’s will likely be shuttered because Huron Perth Public Health are too embarrassed to do their own enforcement, and clearly don’t want to be video recorded doing their own dirty work. Shouting “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS” to be heard over traffic noise on a downtown street corner by a government official is all we need to show the world exactly what doug ford’s Ontario has become.

We all know the restaurant will be shut down, and that HPPH will continue to refuse to answer any of the business owners’ many questions about enforcement. HPPH refuses to do vax-pass enforcement or provide any guidance or advice. They simply refuse to answer questions.

Buck & Jo’s will be open from 10am – noon on Friday, just long enough for the government to officially shut them down. Only coffee and treats will be available, as the owners would like to say goodbye to as many Patriots in person as possible, and to be available for the government goons.

Doug Ford Contact Info.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 416-745-2859
Twitter: @OntarioPCParty

Huron Perth Public Health contact info (Dr. Miriam Klassen)
Phone: 1-888-221-2133

2 replies on “Freedom Funeral This Friday Downtown Wingham – Wear Black, Democracy & Freedom Will Be Dead By Noon #GoodbyeBuck&Jo’s”

There are only patriots and collaborators/traitors
Pick a side
Collaborators/traitors have no idea that they are the next course on this menu
This is a war, a world war in which all governments have commenced upon their own people without a declaration of war


Looks like the difference between freedom and communism. Right up Trudeau’s ally, he wants to be a tyrant, and he will. No difference between Cons and Libs now, all greedy puppets. Rise up and fight, or lay down and die. I’m afraid it’s already too late for those of you participating in this experiment. They did not give you a vaccine, they gave you an experiment. Just look at how Israel is falling…


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