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Crisis Deepens In North Huron – Mass Abuse Of Children, Men & Women #NoOneLivesInNorthHuron #HonorYourOath

The next council meeting is Tuesday 08Aug2023, 6pm @ Wingham Town Hall. All those able to make it are strongly encouraged to attend this special meeting, and to bring their own bail money.

Criminals, dictators, autocrats, bullies, corrupt town halls & tyrants all want you to believe they are superior and have authority over you, and that they can force you to comply with any capricious demand they dream up.

No one in Canada is above the Constitution. This is fundamental to the continued existence of whatever remains of the former Glorious and Free Canada for which we all sang the oath to Stand On Guard for. 

FACT: No one lives in “North Huron”. North Huron is the name of the corporation set up to provide essential services to Wingham, Blyth and East-Wawanosh. North Huron is a corporation like any other service provider, and has no “special powers” on their customer’s property. You can’t live in North Huron any more than you can live in Hurontel, Bell Canada, or your satellite tv provider. 

The Municipal Act clearly sets out and limits the powers of these corporations/municipalities. These corporations do not have the Right Of Entry to private property to search & seize property, no one in Canada has that power without warrant or consent. 

FACT: A municipality has no more rights or privileges than any other person or corporation, and the Act clearly limits their power as such. This is clearly stated in section 9 of the Act. “A municipality has the capacity, rights, powers and privileges of a natural person for the purpose of exercising its authority under this or any other Act.”

North Huron’s corporate by-laws were being used to set “Social Standards” and were illegally forced upon their customers, claiming they had special powers on private land and that it was for the Greater Good. Men, women and children have all been victims of this grotesque abuse of power. Grown adults were terrified of owning a chicken for fear of reprisals from “Town Hall”. Limits on pets, where/if you can plant a garden, if you can have wildflowers in your backyard and if you can have playground equipment or sandbox, are just a few examples of the oppression.

Current CAO Dwayne Evans is refusing to release the job description of the By-law Enforcement Officer position, as that would shed light upon whose orders these officers were acting under.

The next council meeting is Tuesday 08Aug2023, 6pm @ Wingham Town Hall. Honor your oath!

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