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Chuck Vs. Buck – 822 Days Of Delays, Corruption & Perjury #NotMyKing #CoerciveAgreements

(Wingham, On) A restaurant in the heart of Wingham, that stood their ground against segregation enforcement officers, have been holding the line for 822 days waiting for actual Judges to voice their opinions. Judges across Canada have already spoken up/ruled regarding the unconstitutionality and unreasonableness of recent massive government overreach. This has yet to happen at the Goderich Court House. Below is an email sent to the court and area Media by the victim.


Subject: Re: (Buck) XXXX XXXX vs The King Appeal Matter Ct File Number 1460-999-22-0009-01

Dear Goderich Court
Ontario Court of Justice Trial Coordinator Jodie Grainger
King Charles’ Representative Gregory Friel Stewart
The Honorable Justice MacDonald
BCC: Area Media

As there seems to be some difficulties/reluctance setting a date for the continuance of my appeal, I would like to let all involved parties know that, as always, I am available with a few days notice. Since my involvement and participation in the last court dates has been prohibited/eliminated, as I haven’t been given the opportunity to comment or speak, I am sending this email.

I am asking the court to allow video recording of all future proceedings involving myself, and to allow those recordings to be disseminated and accurately reported upon.  As I am the only participant that is not working for and getting paid by the “system” at these proceedings, I believe my request should be honored. As recent court rulings and trial transcripts have shown, I have had my Rights violated, and been the victim of perjury, a very serious allegation for which the court has yet to comment on.

Denying this request and threatening to punish those that seek to accurately document and disseminate the proceedings violates my constitutional right of self protection.

These last few delays have deprived us of the opportunity to clear our names, and ability to rebuild our reputation and business over the Christmas season, and now Valentines Day, greatly reducing the odds of the business’s survival until the next potential business saving Christmas holiday season.

12Feb2024 will mark 816 days since Justice of the Peace Susan Stewart, seemingly without question or scrutiny, signed off on the charges, and Gregory Friel Stewart started his persecution.

While these delays are likely extremely lucrative for Gregory Friel Stewart of Donnelly Murphy, they have caused nothing but financial devastation for my family.

As the Honorable Justice wisely recommended, I will only need 10-15 minutes to finish my submissions/arguments. I understand that Mr. Stewart, who claims to be representing The King, needs ½ a day for his continued persecution, to comment on recent rulings, and to address the serious allegations of perjury levied against both HPPH segregation enforcement officers.

 I struggle to understand how there are no dates available between 12Feb2024 and the end of 2024. I hope by 12Feb2024 that an opening becomes available before the year’s end so I can finish my submissions and Mr. Stewart can have his ½ day. This checking in to the court every 2 weeks has been tantamount to probation/parole.

I plead with the court to set a date for the continuation in Goderich (live and in person) to finally resolve this matter, and to allow us to start repairing the damage caused by HPPH’s actions and inactions.

I hope the Honorable Justice MacDonald has taken 15-20 minutes to view the videos, as they were literally shot as evidence for whichever Judge would preside over the case. We waited 6 1/2 hours in the courthouse last time, despite the court being set aside specifically for this issue. I do not think it would be proper for the Judge to ignore the actual videos.

Looking forward to 12Feb and finally setting a date so I can complete my submissions to the court, and the King’s representative can have their ½ day.

This email may be reprinted and disseminated.


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