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By-law Enforcement & Police Put On Notice – New LECA To Hold Them To Account #BackOff #Victory #FinallyFreedom

(North Huron) As of 01April2024 the new Law Enforcement Complaints Agency came into effect in Ontario. This new agency will have authority over all those claiming to be “law enforcement”, which includes municipal by-law enforcement.

Rights Activists and Freedom Fighters are claiming Victory in their battle to take back their province. Town Hall’s never had authority on Private Property, and now they can be held to account along with any police officers still foolish/ignorant enough to attempt to “assist” them in their rights violations.

This effectively ends the illegal municipal by-law enforcement on private land, ending decades of illegal rights violations of “Town Halls” across the province on Ontario.

Most notably in North Huron by-law enforcement was humiliated when Buck & Jo’s, a restaurant in the heart of Wingham simply said “NO” and the CAO had to admit they had no authority on private land.