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By-law Enforcement Officer Nancy SMALL Added To Hall Of Shame #ShootOnSight

All residents of Wingham are strongly advised to shoot video of by-law enforcement officer Nancy Small if she attempts to trespass on their property, or if she continues to falsely claim she has any authority on private property.

Nancy Small is facing allegations of trespass, criminal harassment, attempted theft, extortion, dereliction of duty, & countless Charter Rights violations and therefore is added to the Hall Of Shame

By-law enforcement officer Nancy Small still refuses to hold town staff to account for by-law infractions that put lives and property at risk. Instead she targets and harasses private citizens, while claiming she has more power than a police officer or a judge. 

If you want to help take back our country, you first have to take back your own home and yards. If you can’t stand-up to the overarching bullies at town hall that say you can’t have a chicken, grow a garden, have sign in your window or have more than 4 pets, then there is no hope for you. Just get out of our way.

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