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Bounty Placed On Alleged UN Soldier Posing As Police Officer – 2,000+ Corrupt Police Claim “Just Following Orders”

Recent revelations that the UN was involved in the 07Oct attack on Israel seems to have confirmed the rumors that UN soldiers had to be brought in to break up the Freedom Convoy, because too many Canadian police officers refused to violate their oath and break up the peaceful protest. 

The photo of someone in a police uniform is allegedly a United Nations soldier according to dozens of people. The photo was taken hours before the violent crackdown, beatings, trampling and other rights violations in Ottawa. If you can identify this person in the uniform, please email [email protected] with your tips/information. You will be rewarded with a bounty of 10 bonus karma points 🙂

Wingham Free Press agrees with Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley, and that Trudeau’s use of the War Measures Act was illegal, unreasonable, unjustified, didn’t make sense, and wasn’t transparent. This is something everyone knew 2 years ago.

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