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Bankrupt Council To Spend Up To $1,000,000 Due To Palmer’s Incontinence #DiaperUpButtercup #PiddlePantsPalmer

Council Chambers continue to be occupied by town staff that refuse to relocate to the Hot Stove Lounge, the old Post Office, or other available space. Obviously the Armories and Police station aren’t an option any more as council wanted the parking spaces and demolished the historic building with zero public input, scrutiny or warning. Another 19.1 exemption, the equivalent to using the Canadian Flag as sanitary tissue.

Councilor chris palmer refuses to have council meetings upstairs at Town Hall in the theater due to his incontinence and apparent unwillingness to have a puppy piddle pad under his chair. Taxpayers will now have to spend $200,000 – $1,000,000 to renovate the Hot Stove Lounge for council chambers. If you read below or watch the video, you will realize that palmer isn’t smart enough to use an elevator button, so he likely isn’t smart enough to diaper up and continue with the tiny shred of dignity he may still have left. Hopefully he will resign and not force the taxpayers to spend a million dollars because he is a whiny pissant parasite.

 Councillor chris palmer: “The theater, I hate it there, uhm, I find the stairs going up to where we, up to the top where the theater part is where we sit, dangerous for me, and unless you put a johnny on the spot somewhere close by the bathroom is too far for me. Uhm, you know, don’t laugh but it’s an issue for me, I’m ready to go right now! So as soon we are dealing with this, I’m off! And Ahhhhh (sound of relief? Possible urinating and/or bowel voiding.) but anyways, the stairs are dangerous, I uhh feel like i am taking my life into my hands just going down them. Thank you.”

Enough? Time to fight?

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OMFG, the old fart soiled himself in the middle of the meeting. That is so frigging disgusting! Resign you disgusting urine soaked fool!


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