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Bank Customers Furious They Can’t Get Their Cash – Tax Boycott Spreading Across Canada #WinghamWakening

Banks closed, their websites restricted for days, and the so-called “News” didn’t mention it. Since 14Feb2022 when Justin Trudeau declared his so-called “emergency” and threatened hundreds of thousands of Canadian Citizens with freezing and seizing of their bank accounts, there has been a “run” on the banks.  

NOTE: You most likely can not instantly withdraw your cash from your bank. Virtually everyone we interviewed had the same story. When they went to get their cash, their banks simply didn’t have any on hand. They had to prearrange the transaction so the bank could get the cash brought in. We are talking amounts as low as a few thousand. It may take days or weeks to get your cash so you better start now if you haven’t already.

This run on the banks is for principle, privacy & protection of wealth. Many are now seeking out businesses that don’t charge taxes in an attempt to defund the government. “We wouldn’t support a local business that beat Citizens with batons and trampled them with horses. We would boycott them in an attempt to defund them, so why wouldn’t we do the same thing to  a government that does that?”

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I was at the bank trying to get my cash, and I over heard 2 other customers being told they couldn’t have their cash either! Something is horribly wrong people!


OMFG. I saw a single mother sobbing at the bank as they ran out of cash and she had to pay her rent. They told her to come back on Monday and they should have her cash ready for her. Heartbreaking. If you don’t think it’s real ask around or try getting all your cash and see what happens.


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