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Arrest Welfare Thieves & Meth-head Trespassers/Squatters Advocates Candidate

Buck, a candidate in the upcoming North Huron municipal election, is pledging to restore landowner rights and have all welfare thieves and meth-head squatters arrested. 

“If they take taxpayer money for rent via welfare/ODSP and don’t pay their rent, trash the place, fill the place with garbage inside and out, they need to be arrested and in the most public way possible. If these squatters want free rent, then a 10 x 10 prison cell is the perfect solution. I hear they even include meals and unlimited unconsensual sex. #Don’tDropTheSoap”

Deadbeat tenants have been abusing the backlog in the system and not paying rent despite their government assistance cheque specifically itemizing rent. These squatters do not report to their welfare worker that they aren’t paying rent, as their taxpayer funded cheques would be cut. Instead of paying the rent, the money typically goes to more meth, the root of all their problems to begin with making the situation worse.

There should never be a situation where criminals are given more rights to your property than the property owner. If you are given notice to leave, and you don’t, you should be arrested just like any other con man or criminal.

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Please do not lump ODSP recipients in with people that are on Ontario Works. It is easy to get Ontario Works, but ODSP is a whole different story. The process is complicated and involves seeing Doctors, ocupationel therapists and other health care profesionels. I agree that almost all people on Ontario Works are mostly lazy and do not want to work, but there are some that do need it, but it should be limited to a certain amount of time and they find work or they kicked off. ODSP is for people with severe health issues and disabilitys who can not work at all or only capable of limited work. I am on ODSP, and I can not work, believe me, if I could work I would, but thats just not possible for me.

Just to make sure you understand what my gist is, Ontario Works is very easy to get on, ODSP is very difficult and can take months to prove that you have a disability. Ontario Works can take less than a day to get on it.


Give your head a shake you parasite! Either that or just pretend you can’t read, or are addicted to drugs or alcohol and you qualify to get cash for life with with ODSP, Ontario Druggie Support Program.

I’ve seen how some of these filthy pigs live, never once cleaning themselves or their apartment. I know a few that let their dogs shit in the living room because they are too frigging lazy to go for a walk with their pet. It takes minutes to get on the Ontario Druggie Support Program and become a parasite for life.

NO ONE should ever rent to them, ever! That is what Bristol Terrace and other government subsidized housing is for. These dirtbags get their welfare/odsp “worker” to send the rent check to their landlords for the first month, then call their worker and stop that and there isn’t a thing the landlord can do.

Since you can sit there typing a response online you can clearly work from home for a thousand different businesses now. Now get a job and stop being a parasite and give the taxpayers the money back you took because you are too fucking lazy to support yourself.

If you have the time to respond to this, you have the time to hunt down a work-from-home job. Get a life and stop demanding the taxpayer support you.


Wow, what a retard, you are so stupid it makes my head spin. So you mean a person with Lou Gehrings disease should just stop getting ODSP and get a work from home job????? How about the person with brain damage,,them to?????, what about someone that is paraliyzed from the neck down, your ignorance makes me sick, you have no clue what you are talking about, go back into your little world and stay there. good grief, just so clueless,,,,,,,,


Get job. I’d have a longer response but I actually work and contribute to society and pay taxes. Now sit back and do SFA all day why the rest of us go and support your lazy entitled ass.


You poor thing, you and to wait a couple months to get your ODSP “pension” and had visit the doctors once or twice. I bet all the while you drawing welfare…. BOO WHOOO FOR YOU. If you can’t look after yourself you should NOT have pets or kids. If you don’t want to support yourself, why the f*** should we have too. You force the hardworking taxpayer to pay for your laziness and incompetency. Now piss off and get a job like the rest of us have too.


My alcoholism is a disease! FACT: I am entitled to ODSP because of my disease. You can’t discriminate against someone because of a disease, it’s not my fault I have this disease!


Well, actually it is your fault, no one ever forced you to drink, and many drunks hold down jobs and earn a paycheck, people like you make ODSP recipients look bad, now go have another drink and a smoke.


can someone please help me find my little dog..he got into my welfare crack and ate all my meth and crack…i need to open his tummy so i can lick out the meth and crack cuz i need my fix..can someone please give me money cuz im on welfare and i need meth and crack, i dont need food and my baby dont need diapers or food, all we need is meth cuz my baby is a meth baby..its not my fault, its everyone elses fault,,please gicve me money so i can pay rent I use my welfare money to buy meth and crack…can you please send money to my bank account send email money transfere,,please i need ur money so i can get high and neglect my baby,,why is my baby floating in the bathtub she is so quiet she floats and do not cry at all she looks all swolled up, can someone please give me a new baby, this one is dead,,please give me money for meth,,,,,


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