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Violent Repeat Offenders Arrested – Hanover Police Still Protecting Criminals Over Community

On April 6th, 2024, at 8:37 a.m. members from the Hanover Police Service responded to a report of two people sleeping in a vehicle parked at an apartment complex in the 100 block of 11th Avenue in Hanover.

While on scene, officers recognized the suspects as having committed a theft in Hanover from a previous incident on April 5th.  When officers attempted to arrest the pair, they violently resisted, and the male suspect jumped into the driver’s seat with the female suspect.  Together, the suspects started the vehicle and drove into the side of the apartment building while partially dragging an officer who was in the passenger seat with them trying to effect their arrest.

The violent struggle continued after crashing into the apartment building, with the male suspect escaping custody and fleeing on foot.  An officer gave chase and captured the suspect who continued to fight and resist.  He was eventually subdued after officers deployed their tasers.  The female suspect who also resisted arrest, was taken into custody.

The investigation determined the vehicle was stolen from South Bruce O.P.P. Detachment area and both suspects were determined to be wanted in several policing jurisdictions.

The Hanover Police Service has jointly charged, a 39-year-old male of no fixed address and a 23-year-old female of no fixed address with the following criminal and drug offences:

  1. Theft Under $5000
  2. Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance
  3. Flight from a Peace Officer
  4. Assault with Intent to Resist Arrest
  5. Assault with a Weapon
  6. Resist Arrest of a Peace Officer
  7. Possession of Stolen Property Over $5000
  8. Possession of Methamphetamine for the Purposes of Trafficking
  9. Possession of Fentanyl for the Purposes of Trafficking
  10. Possession of Methamphetamine

The male suspect faces additional charges of Failure to Comply with Release Order x 3 and Failure to Comply with an Undertaking.  The female suspect faces additional charges of Operation of a Conveyance while Prohibited and Failure to Comply with Release Order x 2.

Police determined the male suspect is currently wanted on 27 criminal and drug charges in 4 policing jurisdictions in Ontario and the female suspect is currently wanted on 10 criminal charges in 2 policing jurisdictions in Ontario.

One Hanover officer received minor injuries while both suspects also sustained minor injuries that required treatment at the Hanover and District Hospital.

The exterior wall of the apartment building and the stolen vehicle both received minor damages.

The suspects were held and later remanded into custody at their bail hearings.

This incident is an example of the transient nature of people who move from one jurisdiction to the next committing crimes along the way that often results in unpredictable, volatile and dangerous situations for the police officers that encounter them.