Parental Rights Restored In Sask – AMDSB Continues To Keep Secrets From Parents In Ontario #PedophilePurge

Saskatchewan’s education minister says teachers must start seeking parental consent when children under 16 want to change their names or pronouns, a move that restores parent’s right to know what is happening to their children while at school. In what is being dubbed as the “pedophile purge” , provinces have been banning teachers and principals from continuing to keep sex secrets from parents. 

Avon Maitland School Board in Ontario insists parents do not have the right to know what is happening to their children at school. From kindergarten up, children can change their names, pronouns, clothes and sexual identity at school. AMDSB policy is to keep parents in the dark, and that AMDSB should be able to do whatever they want to our children and keep that secret from the parents and police.

If you think parental rights should be restored in Ontario as well, please contact Ontario’s Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce Email: [email protected]. For more contact information for Stephen Lecce click here.

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