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TCOC Minister Gets $6,900 Free Speech Fine For Asking Questions – Appeal Date Set

Wingham based The Church Of Canada’s Minister and founder was recently fined $6,900 for standing his ground against segregating their patrons. The verdict is being appealed on 06Dec2023 in Goderich court and via Zoom.

The rights activist and TCOC Minister and Founder was very vocal about not segregating patrons, and his refusal to stand on his street corner demanding from potential patrons “Show me your papers” (Vax-pass) at the point of entry.

Despite closing before the compliance date this open defiance was too much of a threat to their “authority”, and a massive fine had to be dished out to deter the general population from ever speaking up or asking a question in the future.

“You might feel comfortable falling asleep at night saying to yourself I was just following orders, I’m not!” Buck, 27Oct2021 to HPPH segregation enforcement officers.

Please take the time to share this, and to watch the appeal via Zoom on 06Dec2023.

Court contact info:
Zooom: Meeting ID: 640 7440 6397 Passcode: 881382

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