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OPP/Police Threaten Rape & Murder – FTP Movement Spirals Out Of Control After FTP Movement Takes Foothold On The Square Mile #WinghamWakening #FTP

Horrifying videos, CBC investigations and SIU reports with trigger warnings prove beyond a doubt corrupt police officers will do anything to silence the truth of their gross misconduct. There is no doubt why the police refuse to wear body cameras.

Threats of rape and murder by those claiming to be police or reitired officers are going viral online in an attempt to silence those that speak out against the rampant abuse. Lock your doors and don’t open them unless you know who it is. 

Many of you know about the war that has been growing behind the scenes between the Free Press and unaccountable police that refuse to wear body cameras. Do not leave home without a way to video record police interactions, your life and reputation may depend on it. Even the most ardent boot likers must agree that threats of rape are too far over the line. Some police think a beating or raping is justified depending on circumstance. No wonder People are afraid to speak up and the police refuse to wear body cameras.

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