Green’s Meat Market Used As Pawn In North Huron Council’s Extortion Attempt

North Huron Reeve bernie bailey is still refusing to hook Green’s Meat Market up to municipal services because Morris-Turnberry refuses to capitulate to bailey’s demands. It is clear that Green’s Meat Market is being used as a pawn by North Huron to force Morris-Turnberry into agreeing to bailey’s demands.

Bailey said North Huron council will do everything in their power to get Green’s Meat Market back up and running. It should be noted that the only thing in North Huron council’s power to help them get back up and running is to hook up municipal services. Bernie bailey and NH council are refusing to do the only thing they are able to do to help. 

Reeve bailey sounded jealous that he doesn’t get a cut of the Green’s business, and that Morris-Turnberry is making money off Green’s Meat Market no matter what, stating “they get their taxes, no matter if Green’s is operating or not.”

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You know bailey the days of Hitler’s have come and gone your are too old for games grow up and be a mayor and wingham people stop paying his wage citizens grow up too its to bad that I can’t run against you in the next election u would not get a pension if I had my way


Your greed is showing again like a bunch of school kids behaving badly North Huron you know better I hope Greens make sure folks from North Huron are the last to get a dam job in the new place You all know better but have no backbone as jobs are a nessacary investment in this area Burnie you know better


Likes it’s not bad enough the two Counsels are on a power trip.
Lets punish the good people of North Huron.
How hard can it be just to do the hook up and everyone move forward.
United We Stand Divided We Fall


in todays business it is hard to make a living @ please everyone
It is unfortunate that Bailey @ North Huron council are bulling Greens
a valuable business to our area
to BAILEY @ COUNCIL smarten up do the right thing or get to heck out of the way and let some one with some brains run the area

we can easily replace YOU but we cant replace Greens

I spent 22 years in municipal politics you get that privilege by caring
for the public being fair in your dealings using good charicter while having some for sight by using good hind sight
you are egnoring the basic need that is

to NORTH HURON please replace all thes uncaring selfish people

dereck ward listowel ontario proud canadian unashamed of my record


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